Pillow take a look at: about a third is "very excellent"

Not only a mattress makes certain healthful snooze. The pillow ought to also be purchased with care. We tested twenty pillows: more than fifty percent is advised. Nonetheless, there is criticism for difficulties with washing and contained residues of a toxic semimetal.

We can advise sixty % of the pillows in the examination, 7 rating leading marks.
Irritating: Soluble residues of the toxic semi-metallic antimony are in some pillows.
Not all pillows that are labeled washable survive clean cycles unscathed.
Current on June twelfth, 2020 Purchasing check merchandise Jan, Feb 2020 | Everybody need to wash their pillows as soon as or 2 times a 12 months. Because sweat soaks into the pillow and dust mites find the best residing circumstances. Professionals therefore suggest house dust allergy sufferers to clean their clothing far more frequently: "Duvets and pillows need to be washed at least sixty levels Celsius, at the very least every single three months, and each four to 6 weeks in the function of a severe allergy," suggests Anja Schwalfenberg, spokeswoman for the German Allergy and Bronchial asthma Association.

It is annoying when the pillow will come out of the washing device as a thick lump - which can hardly be shaken back into its previous shape. Even although it is marked as washable. But that occurs every now and then.

Pillow test: which manufacturers are take a look at winners?
For our examination, we have subjected the pillows, if they are declared washable, to a washing test in a screening institute. 15 items with artificial or latex filling have been place into the device. According to the labeling, 5 pillows loaded with cotton and new wool have been not allowed in. The result right after washing 10 times was very sobering for some pillows: lump formation, decline of volume and uneven distribution of the filling.

With the bad washing final results, nine pillows spank their overall judgment. All round, even so, the test outcome is gratifying: We can advise twelve of the twenty pillows in the take a look at with "very very good" or "great".

Criticism of toxic antimony residues in pillows
However, we have to draw attention to yet another difficulty. In our viewpoint, eleven of the 13 pillows with artificial filling include excessively high soluble residues of the poisonous semi-steel antimony. It is extremely most likely that the compound antimony trioxide is dependable for the residues, which is formed in the production of polyester from the catalyst used.

The European Chemical compounds Company classifies each antimony and antimony trioxide as suspect of cancer. The residues would be avoidable with great production follow: They can be lowered in creation by washing them out, and there are also different catalysts.

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Pillow in the test: We checked 20 pillows. In focus: the substances.
Pillow in the examination: We checked twenty pillows. In focus: the components. (Picture: OlegDoroshin / Shutterstock)
Optical brighteners in eleven pillows analyzed
The use of optical brighteners is just as unnecessary as the use of problematic catalysts. The laboratory commissioned by us demonstrated the artificial whiteners in eleven pillows, usually in the main material or in the outer material, usually also in the labels.

The substances that are intended to give textiles a "fresher" look pollute the environment because they rarely degrade. The makers of the other pillows in the test are exemplary: They demonstrate that it is also achievable with out a brightener.

Which pillow pillow fill is the greatest?
There is polyester in all 13 artificial pillows in the examination. This plastic can get into the environment from the pillows as microplastics, for instance when washing. A laboratory has revealed this to us experimentally in random samples.

If you want to keep away from this, you can use fillings produced from all-natural latex, cotton or virgin wool. Cotton need to arrive from managed natural cultivation (declared as organic), virgin wool from controlled organic and natural animal husbandry (natural and organic). The wool fillings are not permitted in the washing device, but at minimum their handles are washable.

Encasings are especially recommended for folks who are allergic to dust mites, which are specific protective covers that guarantee that no dandruff will get into the pillow and that dust mites provide as food.

We did not think about pillows created of down and feathers in the test. Ducks and geese, specifically exterior of Europe, endure from very poor housing problems. Seals like the Downpass rule out the worst struggling, but in our check out they frequently will not go considerably ample.

Ideas for buying pillows: ÖKO-Test advises that
A very good pillow offers you a comfortable situation and relieves the cervical spine. This means that the head ought to not bend up or down as an extension to the thoracic backbone.
No pillow operates optimally for everyone. Take the time to discover 1 that satisfies your physique, your sleeping style and your mattress. For illustration, a person with wide shoulders who lies on one particular side on a tough mattress hardly sinks and for that reason needs a pillow with a particularly higher support height. It is really distinct with a person with narrow shoulders on a delicate mattress.
Trial lying will save poor buys. That is why it helps make sense to get tips from a expert shop. It is best to attempt out the pillow there with a mattress that is comparable to your very own at property. Expert sellers can support to check out the lying situation and posture of the head and neck and to suggest on personal problems.
On the conventional eighty by 80 centimeter pillows, your shoulders will inevitably lie on the pillow. This can place the body in an unfavorable sleeping position. An 80 x forty cm pillow can be a far better match for side sleepers in particular.
sleepdream of components also relies upon on specific wants. Fully washable pillows are a good idea for folks with allergies to dust. People who sweat very easily, on the other hand, could use pillows with new wool fillings. It has a self-cleaning impact and transports humidity quite nicely.
Any person who wakes up with stress in the neck once more and once more could be effectively advised with a particular neck help pillow. Nevertheless, if bad posture in daily daily life is the purpose for the neck difficulties, this pillow will not fix them either. Click listed here for our recent check of neck support pillows.
You may possibly also be fascinated in this: The German Modern society for Rest Study and Rest Medicine (DGSM) estimates that about ten percent of the inhabitants undergo from rest ailments. If these occur regularly, the scenario becomes a load. We give suggestions for falling asleep: what will help with slumber ailments.

You can study the test winners, the take a look at table and the complete result in detail in the ePaper.

We initial printed this test in ÖKO-Examination magazine 5/2020. Update of the take a look at final results / data for the guidebook Bauen & Wohnen 2020, if the providers have notified item modifications or the evaluation of flaws has transformed thanks to new scientific expertise or we have carried out new / further investigations.

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